A budget-friendly fudgy chocolate brownie recipe

easiest fudgy chocolaty brownies recipe

A budget-friendly fudgy chocolate brownie recipe with step-by-step pictures. Brownie is the most popular English dessert mainly a delicious single-layered fudgy chocolate cake simply made with all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, sweetened dark chocolate, soft butter, granulated sugar(white & brown), eggs, and vanilla essence. Using melted dark chocolates makes it fudgy and the best reason ever … Read more

Kulfi recipe | easy kulfi recipe | kulfi malai ice cream recipe

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Kulfi recipe with step-by-step pictures- learn how to make easy kulfi malai ice cream at home with milk and milk powder. Kulfi is a popular Indian ice cream basically prepared with milk, khoya/ powdered milk solids, flavored with cardamom, and nuts like pistachios or almonds are used in its garnishing. Nowadays, it is considered to … Read more

Orange cheesecake recipe with homemade cream cheese and orange jelly

orange cheesecake

Orange cheesecake recipe with homemade cream cheese and orange jelly step by step with pictures. This no-bake orange cheesecake is a three-layered orange flavored cheesecake, contains cream cheese, orange jelly, and heavy cream. The base of this orange cheesecake recipe starts with a crust of biscuit and melted butter, the next layer is basically a perfect … Read more

Kolkata style easy homemade dry fruit cake recipe for Christmas

christmas cake recipe

A classic dry fruit & nut cake with a mixed punch of rum, orange juice, cake spice & vanilla essence, is most common in Kolkata homes during Christmas. “Birthday of Jesus Christ”- when the whole world recognizes the day as Christmas, only Kolkata’s Bengalis are recognized as “Boro-din”. To all Kolkatans, 25 December means Boro-din, … Read more

vanilla chocolate chip ice cream recipe | chocolate chip ice cream recipe without ice cream maker

vanilla chocolate chip ice cream

vanilla chocolate chip ice cream recipe with step by step picture format. As I promised earlier, I will come back soon with my vanilla choco chip ice cream, so here is the post of my no eggs chocolate chip ice cream recipe.  And vanilla ice cream is itself not as strong in flavor and taste … Read more

cherry cupcakes | cherry cupcakes recipe with almond

cherry cupcake

cherry cupcakes recipe with step by step pictures. Icing or without icing cupcakes are always delicious in taste and this cherry cupcakes are a new addition to my kitchen. As my son loves cupcakes, for a long time he was asking for cherry cupcakes and finally today I prepare these cupcakes to give him a … Read more

mango ice cream recipe | easy mango ice cream recipe (without ice cream maker)

mango ice cream

Mango ice cream recipe step by step – It’s an easy 2 ingredient mango ice cream with my healthy and delicious eggless custard and fresh homemade mango puree. But this mango dessert is prepared without condensed milk or milkmaid and ice cream maker. I first had this dessert in Natural’s ice cream store and that’s … Read more