Sabu makha recipe – Bengali no cooking sabu dana recipe or sago recipe

Sabu makha recipe

At my home, Sabu makha is mainly prepared at Maha Shivratri or Nilshasasthi puja to break the fasting. Sabu dana reduces body heat especially if not cooked so I often prepare this recipe for summer time breakfast too. This recipe is not only easy to prepare, but also the best way to make my son … Read more

How to make Perfect Bengali Luchi recipe with Bengali sada alur torkari – for Bengali breakfast

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Luchi recipe – Luchi is a refined wheat flour (maida) based deep fried soft & puffy Bengali bread, a West Bengal version of North Indian bread poori (puri). Sada alur torkari is a simple bengali potato curry that perfectly goes with luchi. Preparing luchi is very simple, just you need all-purpose flour/maida, salt, sugar & … Read more

An easy to make healthy masala oats recipe with vegetables

masala oats recipe

Masala oats is an easy-to-make healthy oats recipe prepared with vegetables and little spices. Very healthy morning breakfast with rolled oats & veggies for those who want to have a weight loss diet or going through a low carb diet can prepare it for breakfast. Even have it at lunch too. However, this masala oats … Read more

Mayonnaise Chicken Sandwich – Chicken sandwich recipe with mayo and salad

Mayonnaise chicken sandwich recipe

Mayonnaise Chicken sandwich recipe – This chicken sandwich is a compilation of creamy mayo, boiled chicken meat & fresh crunchy salad stuffed between two butter-toasted sliced bread. A simple yet delicious sandwich loaded with a mixed filling of shredded chicken, mayo, tomato ketchup, finely chopped onion-cucumber salad, and salt & pepper. Toasted in a plain … Read more

koraishutir kochuri recipe | bengali motor shutir kochuri recipe

koraishutir kochuri recipe | bengali motor shutir kochuri recipe | karaishutir kochuri recipe | bengali green peas kachori | matar kachori(in hindi) | Koraishutir kochuri in bengali | korashutir kochuri in hindi | koraishutir kochuri in english | কড়াইশুঁটির কচুরি | কড়াইশুঁটির কচুরি আলুর দম

Koraishutir kochuri recipe | Bengali motor shutir kochuri recipe with step by step pictures. Koraishutir kochuri is a bengali style delicious deep-fried puffed puri stuffed with hing flavoured green peas stuffing. This kochuri stuffing is made with green peas(matar in hindi) paste and sauteed with a mixture of hing, ginger, green chilli, Mouri(fennel seeds in … Read more

Cheese mayo sandwich | Kids tiffin sandwich | Quick breakfast sandwich

cheese mayo sandwich

Cheese mayo sandwich with step by step pictures- This mayo sandwich is a very easy and quick tiffin idea for kids and a good breakfast idea for all vegetarians who love mayonnaise in sandwiches. As my son has two tiffin breaks in school, every morning I have to think about two different tiffins for him … Read more

Authentic radhaballavi recipe | How to make radhaballavi recipe | Radhaballabhi recipe

authentic radhaballavi

authentic radhaballavi recipe – bengali radhaballavi, an ideal breakfast idea among bengalis breakfast recipes for any weekend or when you are in a festive mood, which is a part of our traditional bengali cuisine. But we Bengalis are always in, to serve our tummy with this authentic radhaballavi or flavourful dal puri. After searching a high … Read more

oats egg muffin recipe | oats egg recipe | oats for breakfast recipe

oats egg muffin

oats egg muffin recipe | oats egg recipe | oats for breakfast recipe with step by step picture format. As we all know, oats take an important part in our healthy breakfast but sometimes its dominating flavor doesn’t allow us to enjoy the food in the morning. And if our morning doesn’t have a good … Read more

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