CCD style cold coffee recipes

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Cold coffee recipe with step-by-step pictures – In one word Cold coffee is the most delicious cold beverage simply made by blending chilled milk with powdered coffee and sugar. Basically, this cold coffee concept first comes in India through CCD, Starbucks, or Barista-like worldwide popular cafes. Even due to these popular cafes, cold coffee is … Read more

Mango frooti recipe | how to make mango frooti at home | mango fruity drink

mango frooti

Mango frooti recipe or how to make mango frooti at home or mango fruity drink with step by step pictures. I can still remember that the catchy title song came up with the mango frooti advertisement when I was a kid? That was “Mango fruity fresh and juicy”, and from that day itself, I was … Read more

mango lassi – an indian mango drink, with yogurt and mango pulp

mango lassi

Indian sweet drink mango lassi with step by step pictures. I made this sweet mango lassi recipe with yogurt, mango pulp, sugar, and rose water. Later served it with grated khoya and malai. Though, it’s basically known as a summer cooler in India but only popular among the people who love lassi and mangoes both. … Read more

Lassi recipe | Punjabi style sweet lassi recipe

lassi recipe

Lassi recipe – Try this sweet punjabi lassi at home with step-by-step pictures. This Punjabi-style lassi is one of the most refreshing drinks to have in Indian summer. During the hottest summer days having a glass of this punjabi lassi can easily cool down our body heat. Mostly Punjab and North Indian states are famous … Read more

virgin mojito – non-alcoholic drink | how to make virgin mojito

virgin mojito

virgin mojito – non-alcoholic drink with step by step pictures. It works as a refreshing cooling agent at any time especially when you are in a relaxed mood. In the traditional way, the mojito is an alcohol-based drink where white rum is working as a primary ingredient, though other ingredients are the same as the … Read more

aam panna recipe | bengali kacha aam er sorbot | how to make raw mango panna

aam panna recipe

Aam panna recipe with step by step pictures – aam panna is a summer special drink mainly prepared with raw mango and mint. Though a few more ingredients are used in this raw mango drink to make it more interesting which I’ll discuss through this recipe. This drink is also known as different names in … Read more