Restaurant-style mutton masala recipe

restaurant style mutton masala

Restaurant-style mutton masala recipe with step by step pictures. Mutton masala is a delicious Indian style lamb or goat meat curry. Mutton(lamb or goat meat), whole spices, ginger-garlic paste and garam masala powder are required for making this recipe. Originated in royal Mughlai kitchen and passes on to Indian cuisine. It is generally served with … Read more

Yakhni pulao recipe- Kashmiri chicken yakhni pulao recipe step by step

yakhni pulao recipe

Yakhni pulao recipe – Kashmiri style chicken yakhni pulao recipe with step by step pics. Yakhni pulao is an authentic Kashmiri pilaf recipe made with chicken, basmati rice, and flavourful Indian spices. This yakhni-based Kashmiri chicken pulao is basically a one-pot meal and it is best to serve with raita.  Yakhni is an Urdu word … Read more

Tangdi kabab recipe – restaurant-style malai tangri kabab

tangdi kabab recipe

Tangdi kabab recipe – making a restaurant-style chicken malai tangri kabab with step by step pics. Tangdi kabab is a popular Indian style kebab made with a chicken drumstick or chicken legs. In our Indian language, basically, tangdi/tangri means drumsticks or chicken leg pieces. Whereas kabab is the Indian name of worldwide popular starter kebab. … Read more

Crispy bhindi fry – a simple recipe of kurkuri bhindi

crispy bhindi fry recipe

Crispy bhindi fry- a simple recipe of kurkuri bhindi, make it with step-by-step pictures. Crispy bhindi fry is a simple recipe of kurkuri bhindi made by ladyfinger/okra/ dharosh, salt, turmeric, and deep-fried in oil. Even it can be described as an indian style crispy fried ladyfinger recipe. Though except, turmeric and salt no other masalas … Read more

Katla macher jhol recipe – a light bengali fish curry

katla macher jhol

Katla macher jhol recipe – learn how to make this light Bengali fish curry in your kitchen. Katla macher jhol is one of the simple light and healthy Bengali style fish curry recipes prepared with vegetables. Jhinge, aloo, danta, ada-jeere-dhone bata die patla katla macher jhol an authentic preparation of our Bengali cuisine. Means, a … Read more

Kolkata style mutton chaap recipe step by step

kolkata style mutton chaap recipe

Kolkata style mutton chaap recipe with step by step pics – Mutton chaap is a delicious Indian style mutton curry, made by slow cooking in a flavourful masala-based gravy. After Long hours marinated in chaap spices and flavors, mutton(preferably ribs pieces) is cooked in ghee till the meat gets soft and juicy. More interestingly, in … Read more

Mutton chops fry recipe with step by step pictures

mutton chops fry

Mutton chops fry recipe, make it with step-by-step pics. Mutton chops fry is a delicious Indian-style dry mutton starter. A juicy, tender, flavourful recipe of fried mutton(lamb or goat) ribs or chops. An easy-to-make starter cooked up in simple spices. Originally it is a preparation of Andhra cuisine, however, this recipe is most popular in … Read more

Kolkata mutton biryani recipe – how to make kolkata mutton biryani

kolkata mutton biryani recipe

Kolkata mutton biryani recipe -how to make mutton biryani with step by step pics. Kolkata mutton biryani is the most delectable recipe of Kolkata aka West Bengal- prepared with mutton/lamb, long grain basmati rice, potato, flavourful spices, food colour and essence. Like other Kolkata biryani recipes, it is also prepared by slow cooking in dum … Read more

Bengali ghugni recipe | how to make bengali ghugni

bengali ghugni recipe

Bengali ghugni recipe -let’s learn how to make Bengali ghugni with step by step pictures. Ghugni is a delicious, Bengali style savoury white peas curry cooked in an onion, ginger-garlic paste gravy, served as a chaat too. It is a gem dish to the entire Bengali community from Kolkata aka West Bengal to Bangladesh. This … Read more

Healthy chicken stew recipe- how to make chicken stew

chicken stew recipe

A healthy, delicious, easy-to-make chicken stew recipe just in 30 minutes. Chicken stew is a healthy, less spicy, soupy curry made with chicken, potatoes, carrot, beans, papaya, and onion. This is a gluten-free and low-carb soup. Chicken stew is best to serve in winter or in cold weather and perfectly paired with bread toast, however, … Read more