Pomfret macher jhal – a pomfret fish curry aka bengali pomfret recipe

pomfret macher jhal-a pomfret fish curry aka bengali pomfret recipe

Pomfret macher jhal is a spicy pomfret fish curry of Bengali cuisine. Macher jhal is a common phrase used to indicate a spicy Bengali fish curry.  In this Bengali fish curry, Pomfret(pamphlet) fish is first fried in oil then cooked in a masala based gravy containing onion-mustard seeds- poppy seeds, and green chillies. A combined … Read more

Chicken mayonnaise sandwich- Chicken mayo salad sandwich recipe

Chicken mayonnaise sandwich

Chicken mayonnaise sandwich step by step. A delicious sandwich recipe with shredded chicken, mayonnaise & onion-cucumber salad. Simply toast it in a tawa(griddle) or a grilled pan until gets golden with a little crunch. Though a griller toaster or sandwich griller can make the grilling easier. However, it is easy to make at home with … Read more

Mutton keema curry – keema masala – a mutton keema recipe

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Mutton keema curry or keema masala is a delicious mutton keema recipe. It is basically a minced meat curry cooked in a spicy masala-based gravy. This mutton mince curry goes best with homemade roti, chapati & paratha. However, it can be served with naan, kulcha, and tandoori roti too. Even you can have it with … Read more

Kochi Pathar Mangshor Jhol or Khasir Mangshor Jhol – a Bengali Mutton Curry recipe

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Kochi pathar jhol or khasir mangshor jhol is a light yet delicious Bengali style mutton curry recipe. It is basically, red soupy mutton curry with a thick layer of oil on its top containing juicy and tender mutton pieces with buttery soft aloo. Pathar mangsho or khasir mangsho, big chunks of aloo and simple kitchen … Read more

Chilli fish recipe – Chinese style chilli fish with gravy

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Quick and easy chinese chilli fish(with gravy) recipe with step by step pics. Chilli fish is one of the most popular recipes of Indian chinese restaurants. A popular chinese flavoured fish starters cum perfect side dish of any Chinese main course recipes. Deep-fried crispy boneless fish cubes are tossed in chinese red chilli sauce with … Read more

Egg noodles recipe (Chinese hakka style) | Egg chow mein recipe

egg noodles recipe

Egg noodles recipe(chinese hakka style) or egg chow mein recipe step by step – egg noodles or egg chow mein is the most popular delicious street food in India made in the Chinese hakka style method. Egg noodles is stir-fried noodles prepared with egg, fresh veggies, a few Chinese sauces & seasoning. These fried noodles … Read more

Golbarir kosha mangsho – a Kolkata restaurant style mutton curry recipe

golbarir kosha mangsho recipe

Golbarir kosha mangsho is a delicious Bengali style mutton curry recipe from a popular Kolkata restaurant named Golbari. Golbari is actually a 99 years old Kolkata(Calcutta) based restaurant(located in the ShyamBazar area), first invented this unique mutton kosha( a dry mutton curry recipe) and got hugely popular among Bengalis. Though Golbari has two types of … Read more

Restaurant-style mutton masala recipe

restaurant style mutton masala

Mutton masala recipe(Restaurant-style) with step by step pictures – Mutton masala is the most delicious North Indian style lamb or goat meat curry cooked in simple yet flavourful spices. Mutton(lamb or goat meat), whole spices(khada masala), ginger-garlic paste, red chilli powder, coriander powder, and garam masala powder are manlily required for making this recipe. This … Read more

Yakhni pulao recipe – Kashmiri style chicken yakhni pulao recipe

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Yakhni pulao is a recipe of Kashmiri pilaf made with long grain basmati rice, chicken & its flavourful stock, a few exotic Indian spices, and essence. This Kashmiri pulao has several variations due to making with chicken or mutton or beef, or even vegetables. Like today I’m making this pulao with chicken so my today’s … Read more

Tangdi kabab recipe – restaurant-style malai tangri kabab

tangdi kabab recipe

Tangdi kabab recipe(restaurant-style chicken malai tangri kabab) with step by step pics – Tangdi kabab is a popular Indian style kebab made with a chicken tangdi/tangri or drumstick or chicken legs. Basically, tangdi/tangri is an Indian term that means chicken drumsticks or chicken leg pieces. Whereas kabab is the popular Indian starter, which is worldwide … Read more