veg pizza recipe – best homemade pizza for vegetarian

veg pizza vegetable pizza vegetarian pizza

Veg pizza recipe described with simple step-by-step pictures – it is a vegetable-topped homemade pizza simply best in taste. As we know Pizza is a classic Italian flatbread with various toppings. Whereas my today’s variation is topped with homemade pizza sauce, loads of colorful veggies, and yummy mozzarella cheese on my homemade pizza dough with … Read more

Aloo potol er dalna recipe – Niramish Aloo Potoler tarkari

Aloo potol er dalna recipe

Aloo potol er dalna recipe with step by step detail. Aloo potol er dalna is a common Bengali style parwal(pointed gourd) curry accompanied by aloo(potatoes). A ghee garam masala based no onion garlic aloo potol er recipe. Also known as ghee gorom moshla diye aloo potoler tarkari. However, a simple yet delicious Bengali niramish recipe … Read more

Macher dimer bora recipe

Macher dimer bora recipe

Macher dimer bora recipe with step-by-step detail. Macher dim is a Bengali term for fish roe or fish eggs & bora indicates pakora or fritters. So it is a typical Bengali-style fish roe fritters or fish eggs pakora. Simply delectable, crispy & very easy to prepare authentic Bengali dish. Best accompanied with rice & dal. … Read more

Railway mutton curry recipe(Easy & Best) 

Railway mutton curry recipe

Railway mutton curry recipe with simple step by step detail – A simply delectable less spicy mutton(lamb/goat) curry, collected from the olden Indian days. Quite close to a fiery Bengali mutton curry( with potatoes), if cooked with coconut milk to dilute the fieriness of the gravy. Originally prepared in British Indian Railway’s premium coach by … Read more

Macher Kalia recipe – Bengali Fish kalia with step by step detail

Macher kalia recipe

Macher Kalia recipe with step detail. Kalia is a simply delectable Bong fish speciality prepared just in 30 mins. Best to prepare by choosing heavyweight rui/ katla pieces for having a thick fat portion under the skin. Cooking by frying fish infused in a red rich gravy consisting of onion-ginger-garlic-tomato-green chilli paste, a few dry … Read more

Mango lassi recipe( Easy & Best)

Mango lassi recipe

Mango lassi recipe – a very delicious & creamy best mango lassi recipe, easy to make at home just in 10 mins. I make this mango lassi with thick chilled curd/unflavoured yogurt, mango pulp, sugar & rose water, garnished with grated khoya and malai. Though khoya is not mandatory in garnishing. However, Kolkata’s popular streetside … Read more

Mete chorchori recipe – a Bengali mutton liver curry recipe

Mete chorchori recipe

Mete chorchori recipe – Mete chorchori is a recipe of soft & juicy superb delicious spicy and dry Bengali mutton liver curry. Cooked with very simple kitchen spices, perfectly goes with roti or rice. Mete chorchori is one of the best Indian liver curry recipes. Though this liver curry is known as liver masala or … Read more

Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe

Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe

Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe – A super delicious yet easy-to-make perfect Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe prepared at home just in one pot. A simple Hyderabadi biryani recipe prepared with long grain rice, meat, ghee, homemade spices & saffron, not even following the authentic method of the Hyderabadi biryani recipe. It is a pakki dum biryani(pakki … Read more

Virgin mojito recipe – a non-alcoholic drink | how to make virgin mojito

virgin mojito recipe

Virgin mojito is always in high demand among nonalcoholic drinkers or Mocktail lovers, right? Just like, whenever I am in a fine dining restaurant, always order 2 drinks, one direct virgin mojito & the other one is virgin mojito punched any fruity mocktail. However, you know, this highly demanded bit pricy nonalcoholic virgin mojito mocktail is … Read more

Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe – step by step দুর্দান্ত স্বাদের পমফ্রেট মাছের রেসিপি(Pomfret macher recipe in bengali) কলকাতা চিকেন বিরিয়ানি রেসিপি – Kolkata chicken biryani recipe in bengali স্ট্রিট স্টাইল ভেজ মোমো রেসিপি – Veg momo recipe in bengali Mango Lassi recipe – street style Mango yogurt drink চিকেন স্টু রেসিপি(in bengali) – মাত্র ৩০ মিনিটে স্ট্রিট স্টাইল চিকেন মোমো রেসিপি(chicken momo recipe in bengali) লস্যি রেসিপি(in bengali)- ১০ মিনিটে হাতে ও ২০ সেকেন্ডে মিক্সার এ তৈরী পাঞ্জাবি লস্যি