Bengali ghugni recipe | how to make bengali ghugni

bengali ghugni recipe

Bengali ghugni recipe – Today we will learn how to make delicious Bengali ghugni at home with step by step pictures. What is ghugni? Ghugni is a delicious & savoury Bengali style white or yellow peas curry or motor korai(whole matar dal) curry. Where white or yellow peas(called motor korai or whole matar dal in … Read more

Sabji diye bengali bhaja muger dal recipe

sabji diye bengali bhaja muger dal recipe

Sabji diye bhaja muger dal is actually a delicious mung dal preparation of our authentic Bengali cuisine with vegetables. Dry roasted golden yellow split moong dal(bhaja muger dal), few sorted vegetables, dry fruits, and few simple yet flavourful spices mainly used for making this recipe. This muger dal is most commonly served with rice in … Read more

mutton haleem recipe | easy haleem recipe | kolkata haleem recipe

mutton haleem recipe

Mutton haleem recipe with step by step pictures- mutton haleem is a ramzan special dish mainly prepared with wheat, rice, different varieties of dal or lentils, and mutton. Though the main ingredients are almost the same for all haleem recipes however it’s not easy enough to describe this dish. Because haleem is incomplete without its … Read more

cholar dal recipe | bengali style chana dal | bengali niramish cholar dal

cholar dal recipe

Cholar dal is a bengali style niramish or veg chana dal recipe which perfectly goes with luchi, kochuri, dal puri or even radhaballavi. Basically this narkel diye cholar dal or coconut added bengal gram is an authentic and  popular recipe among indian bengalis and bangladeshi people. Since my childhood I’ve been seeing, in any bengali … Read more