chicken chaap recipe| kolkata restaurant-style chicken chaap

chicken chaap recipe

Chicken chaap recipe step by step at home – Kolkata restaurant-style chicken chaap is a popular dish among Bengali people. Mughlai style chicken chaap recipe means a long-hour marinated chicken (with masalas and other ingredients) fried in ghee and oil for making a thick gravy. This delicious chicken chaap is actually an authentic and traditional … Read more

Yakhni pulao recipe – Kashmiri style chicken yakhni pulao recipe

yakhni pulao recipe aka kashmiri style chicken yakhni pulao recipe

Yakhni pulao recipe- yakhni pulao is a Kashmiri style pilaf made with long grain basmati rice, skinless chicken(legs/drumsticks) & its flavourful stock, a few exotic Indian spices(whole spices), and essence. This Kashmiri pulao has several variations due to making with chicken or mutton or beef, or even vegetables. Like today I’m making this pulao with … Read more

Crispy chicken lollipop recipe | how to make chicken lollipop at home

chicken lollipop recipe

Crispy chicken lollipop recipe – Learn how to make this crispy & delicious chicken lollipop recipe at home with detailed step-by-step pictures. Chicken lollipop is one of the most popular chicken wings starters among all crunchy finger-licking starters from indo-chinese cuisine. This chicken lollipop is basically a recipe for a batter-fried crispy chicken wings starter … Read more

Tandoori chicken recipe on gas & in oven

tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken recipe(on the gas stove & in the microwave oven) at home with step-by-step pictures – Tandoori chicken is the most popular Indian restaurant-style scrumptious chicken starter loved by the entire world. This recipe is all about a soft, tender, and moist smoked grilled chicken with flavorful aromatic spices. Tandoori chicken is a red-colored … Read more

chicken korma recipe – shahi chicken korma curry

chicken korma recipe

Chicken korma aka shahi chicken korma curry recipe with step-by-step pics. A delicious, creamy korma curry made by chicken slow-cooked in ghee with cashew, yogurt, brown onion, and special spices-based gravy. It is an authentic recipe of Mughlai cuisine, known as murgh Qorma or murg kurma too. As every authentic dish has its own history, … Read more

Chilli chicken recipe | chilli chicken dry and gravy style

chilli chicken recipe

Chilli chicken recipe – learn how to make chilli chicken dry and gravy(semi gravy and curry-like gravy) at home with a restaurant-style taste described with step-by-step pictures. Chilli chicken is the most popular Chinese-style chicken preparation served as a starter or a side dish with a Chinese main course in an Indo-Chinese restaurant. However, this … Read more

Bengali chicken rezala recipe | chicken rezala recipe step by step

chicken rezala recipe

Bengali style delicious chicken rezala recipe with step-by-step pictures – chicken rezala is a popular Mughlai style recipe of chicken, slow-cooked in curd or yogurt, cashew, and poppy seeds based white less spicy gravy, with a perfect blend of ghee, garam masala, and kewra water. In Kolkata, chicken rezala is most popular for creating its … Read more

Murgir jhol aloo diye| Bengali sunday special light chicken curry

murgir jhol aloo diye

Murgir jhol or aloo diye murgir jhol or Bengali sunday special light chicken curry is a quick and easy recipe of Bengal. Murgir jhol means a simple soup like healthy Bengali light chicken curry with potato which is a Sunday special nostalgia. Aloo diye murgi’r patla jhol still reminds me of those best Sunday afternoons … Read more

chicken with creamy mushroom sauce recipe | creamy garlic mushroom sauce for chicken

chicken with mushroom recipe

 Chicken with creamy mushroom sauce recipe or creamy garlic mushroom sauce for chicken is a simple and easy recipe with chicken and mushroom where the healthy chicken breast is cooked in an easy cream-based mushroom sauce. This chicken with mushroom gravy is a perfect combination of chicken and mushroom sauce. If you have chicken breast, … Read more

no oil chicken curry recipe | how to make no oil chicken curry recipe | zero oil chicken curry

no oil chicken curry recipe with step by step picture format. It is a without oil chicken curry which is healthy and tasty at the same time. Here I didn’t use a single drop of oil to prepare this recipe and it tastes delicious. Sometimes we think though without oil food is healthy it cannot … Read more