Chicken mayonnaise sandwich recipe- Chicken sandwich with mayo and salad

Chicken mayonnaise sandwich- chicken sandwich with mayo and salad- chicken grilled sandwich-chicken sandwich with shredded chicken filling

Chicken mayonnaise sandwich recipe – a simple yet delicious chicken sandwich made by two bread slices sandwiched with a mixed filling of shredded chicken, mayo, tomato ketchup, finely chopped onion-cucumber salad, seasoned with salt and pepper. Simply toast this sandwich in a tawa(griddle) or a grilled pan until the sandwich gets golden with a little … Read more

chicken burger recipe – a simple homemade burger for kids

chicken burger recipe

Chicken burger recipe – Learn how to make these simple homemade burgers for kids, with step by step detailed pictures. The purpose of making this burger is my kid as he is a huge fan of burgers mostly McDonalds chicken burger is his first choice. Though my homemade burgers are partially influenced by mcdonalds however … Read more

Stuffed garlic bread recipe | Dominos cheesy garlic bread

stuffed garlic bread recipe

Stuffed garlic bread recipe – this delicious cheese-filled garlic loaf was first introduced by Dominos with their Italian seasonings. This Dominos special cheesy garlic bread got huge popularity in India for its delicious flavor and melted mozzarella stuffing. It is a perfect appetizer of Dominos and high on demand after their pizzas. In this recipe, … Read more