Kolkata mutton biryani recipe – how to make Kolkata mutton biryani at home

kolkata mutton biryani recipe

Kolkata mutton biryani recipe – today will learn how to make Kolkata restaurant-style most delectable mutton biryani at home with simple step by step pictures. Kolkata mutton biryani is popular for its unique aroma, flavourful saffron-white colour long-grain basmati rice, juicy succulent mutton, and buttery soft aloo. A mixing flavour of Ghee, Bengali Biryani masala, … Read more

Kolkata special chicken biryani – a Bengali style biryani recipe

Kolkata chicken biryani

Today I’m going to make our most delectable recipe of Kolkata style special chicken biryani with step-by-step pictures from my favorite Bengali biryani recipes. Biryani is basically originated in shahi Muslim Gharana and almost famous all over the world. Especially to every country that came in touch with the Muslim emperor created their own style … Read more

Ilish biryani recipe | bengali hilsa fish biryani | Kolkata style ilish mach er biryani

ilish biryani recipe

Ilish biryani, a bengali recipe of aromatic basmati rice and hilsa fish, cooked in a dum pukht style with lots of fragrance. This bengali ilish mach or hilsa fish biryani is a new addition to our kolkata style biryani. Whole garam masala flavored long grain basmati rice, ilish mach or hilsa fish and special biryanir … Read more