koraishutir kochuri recipe | bengali motor shutir kochuri recipe

koraishutir kochuri recipe aka bengali motor shutir kochuri recipe aka karaishutir kochuri recipe aka bengali green peas kachori aka matar kachori(in hindi)

Koraishutir kochuri recipe aka Bengali motor shutir kochuri recipe with step by step pictures. Koraishutir kochuri or karaishutir kochuri(pronounced in bengali) is a bengali style delicious deep-fried puri stuffed with flavourful green peas stuffing. Basically the stuffing is made of green peas(matar in hindi) paste and sauteed with hing, ginger, green chilli, Mouri(fennel seeds in … Read more

chicken chaap recipe| kolkata restaurant-style chicken chaap

chicken chaap recipe

Chicken chaap recipe step by step at home – Kolkata restaurant-style chicken chaap is a popular dish among Bengali people. Mughlai style chicken chaap recipe means a long-hour marinated chicken (with masalas and other ingredients) fried in ghee and oil for making a thick gravy. This delicious chicken chaap is actually an authentic and traditional … Read more

Kolkata special chicken biryani – a Bengali style biryani recipe

Kolkata special chicken biryani - a Bengali style Murgh(murg) biryani recipe-Kolkata chicken biryani aka kolkata murgh biryani aka kolkata murg biryani aka kolkata style murgi biryani aka kalkatta chicken biryani aka calcutta chicken biryani aka kolkata chickn biryani aka bangladeshi chicken biryani aka bangladeshi chicken biryani recipe

Today I’m going to make one of the most delectable recipes of Kolkata special chicken biryani – a Bengali style Murg(murgh) biryani recipe with step-by-step pictures. In one word, Kolkata biryani is the most flavourful Indian biryani that comes with long grain basmati rice, soft & juicy meat(murg or gosht), aloo, and a distinct flavor … Read more

Golbarir kosha mangsho – a Kolkata restaurant style mutton curry recipe

golbarir kosha mangsho recipe

Golbarir kosha mangsho is a delicious Bengali style mutton curry recipe from a popular Kolkata restaurant named Golbari. Golbari is actually a 99 years old Kolkata(Calcutta) based restaurant(located in the ShyamBazar area), first invented this unique mutton kosha( a dry mutton curry recipe) and got hugely popular among Bengalis. Though Golbari has two types of … Read more

Kolkata style mutton biryani recipe – how to make Kolkata style mutton biryani at home with step by step pics

kolkata mutton biryani recipe-kolkata style mutton biryani at home with step by step pics-kolkata lamb biryani-kolkata goat biryani-kolkata style mutton gosht biryani-bengali mutton biryani-bengali lamb biryani-bengali goat biryani-bengali style mutton gosth biryani

Kolkata style mutton biryani recipe at home – learn how to make the most popular and delectable kolkata style mutton(or lamb) biryani with step by step pics. Kolkata mutton biryani is a Bengali style biryani popular for its unique aroma, flavourful saffron-white long-grain basmati rice/dehradun rice, juicy succulent mutton pieces, and buttery soft aloo. A … Read more

Bengali ghugni recipe | how to make bengali motor korai ghugni

ghugni recipe-bengali ghugni recipe-motor korai ghugni recipe-matar dal ghugni recipe-ghugni torkari recipe

Bengali ghugni recipe – learn how to make delicious Bengali motor korai ghugni at home with step by step pictures. What is ghugni? Ghugni is a delicious & savoury white peas curry or Bengali style motor korai(whole matar dal) torkari. Ghugni has several recipes in our Bengali cuisine, with onion-garlic(amish ghugni), without onion garlic(niramish ghugni) … Read more

Phulkopir roast recipe – a bengali style roasted cauliflower curry

phulkopir roast recipe

Phulkopir roast recipe, a bengali style gobi roast, or indian style roasted cauliflower curry with step-by-step pictures. Phulkopir roast is a delicious recipe of bengali style cauliflower curry where cauliflower is fried in ghee and cooked in a special garam masala flavored creamy white gravy. This phulkopir tarkari is a niramish preparation of our Bengali … Read more

Aloo Phulkopir niramish dalna recipe

Aloo phulkopir niramish dalna recipe

Aloo phulkopir niramish dalna recipe or Bengali aka indian style potato cauliflower curry(no onion- garlic) with step-by-step pictures. Phulkopir dalna is an authentic dish of our bengali cuisine where phulkopi or gobi or cauliflower and aloo(potato) are fried in oil and later cooked in a ghee garam masala flavoured tomato-based niramish(no onion garlic) gravy. Dalna … Read more

Macher chop – a Bengali style fish croquette recipe with leftover fish

macher chop recipe

Macher chop recipe with detailed step-by-step pictures- learn how to make this delicious Bengali style fish croquette at home with leftover fish & simple tips, and tricks. Macher chop means a Bengali-style fish croquette. Boneless fish meat is cooked up with mashed potato and few Indian spices to make the stuffing of this croquette and … Read more

jhuri aloo bhaja or bengali jhur jhure alu bhaja recipe

jhuri alu bhaja recipe

Jhuri aloo bhaja recipe or bengali jhur jhure alu bhaja recipe with detailed step-by-step pictures. Jhuri aloo bhaja or jhur jhure alu bhaja is a bengali style crispy fried potato strips. Even you can describe it as Bengali style potato chips too. These crispy fried potato strips taste just heaven while having it with steamed … Read more