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About me: Hello, a hearty welcome from  Moumita Paul, author of “Spicypunch.com”. I am a simple person with a simple introduction. Though I was born in Kolkata, currently live in Bangalore city( India) with my husband and our little one. And they are my entire world.

Something about my cooking style: “Spicypunch”, a perfect blend of spices is that particular platform where I have tried to share all of my experiences and ideas. And all experiences either came up with some experimental way or some traditional way of cooking. As I love to play with my simple kitchen spices to follow our super talented grandmas cooking style. Sometimes I try to give a fusion touch, sometimes follow my own style, and sometimes follow the traditional way. My blog is a little effort to introduce my ideas and style of cooking to the world.

My husband, the mastermind of this blogging site: The Idea of this food blogging site actually came to my husband’s mind. Seeing my passion and innovative ideas for cooking he encouraged me a lot for starting my own food blog. Initially, I rejected his proposal. Though cooking is my passion, I never thought, I would be able to be a blogger as I was not much confident about it. But finally, he convinced me to drive me this way and today I am here just because of him. He made this site for me and we both operate this site. My special thanks to my husband for encouraging me always by saying “go with your passion and make yourself happy”. 

About some other interests except cooking: I love to spend time with my plants(gardening), interested in making art and craft and reading books. I love to follow different blogs on food-related content, gardening tips, and art and craft ideas.

How I get interested in cooking: Cooking is my first love. I grew up seeing my mom’s cooking style which partially came from my grandma’s cooking and rest is her own style. As that food was so delicious, I was always curious to know about my grandma’s and my mom’s cooking secret. That interest drives me to the kitchen when I was in a long vacation after my 10th exam. And strated baking when I was in college and I first baked a Christmas cake for my family. This way I have started my cooking journey. But I must say, except cake my baking experience is all because of my kid(especially the baked desserts).

We Bengalis are always foodies: As my husband and I both are Bengalis, after moving to Bangalore in 2008, we started missing those delicious Bengali Foods. Then I could hardly make some traditional Bengali foods. But I was not able to make Bengali sweets and Bengali street foods.  Our craving towards that delicious food helps me to learn a lot from my several experiments and n times failure. And as my husband and I both are big foodies, we have tried different types of food in our kitchen. So It’s all about our tummy.

Passionate about every cuisine’s authentic delicacy: After about 10 years of Bangalore days, we love all South Indian delicacies and those are part of my kitchen. My husband is a passionate traveler. And my job is to collect every small detail about the destination at least from one month back of our trip. This way we can connect ourselves with their authentic foods and we enjoy our whole trip with their delicacies. It drives me to collect their spices to prepare those authentic dishes in my kitchen.

Thoughts behind Spicypunch: So “Spicypunch” is about a combination of fusion touch, innovative ideas, experimental experiences, traditional way and moreover alike our grandmas’ thoughts. But remember, I never said it’s grandmas’ cooking style rather it’s an attempt to find out our grandmas’ secret.

This is our story of Spicypunch. And my husband Dhiman and I operate this site, so we will be there to reply to all food-related comments.

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