Egg roll recipe (Kolkata Street Style) | Egg paratha roll | Egg Frankie | Egg kathi roll

Egg roll recipe

Last night I made egg roll (kolkata street-style) for dinner so I thought to share it on my blog. Generally, I make it occasionally, especially as an evening-time quick snack for my kid. And I prepare such dishes when I hugely miss my Kolkata street food. Especially I miss this on Durga puja time, reminds … Read more

Luchi recipe (with sada alur torkari) – for Bengali breakfast

Luchi recipe

Luchi recipe (with sada alur torkari) with step-by-step instructions and pro tips & tricks. Luchi and sada alu torkari is a simple yet delicious traditional Bengali breakfast, prepared at our home, especially on Sunday or any Holiday. Though luchi with Aloo dum, or with Begun bhaja, or with Cholar Dal, or with Phukopir Tarkari are … Read more

Narkel naru recipe | How to make narkel naru (with jaggery and sugar)

Narkel naru recipe

Narkel naru does not need any introduction to a Bengali, whether a Bengali belongs to West Bengal or Bangladesh or any other part of India or even any corner of the world. Commonly known sweet as nariyal ladoo to all North Indian states and coconut ladoo to rest of the Indian regions including South India. … Read more

Doi maach recipe – Doi katla recipe (Bengali biyebari style)

Doi Maach recipe

Bengali biyebari style delicious Doi maach recipe aka Doi katla recipe with step-by-step detail. Doi Maach is a signature Bengali fish curried dish of cooking fish (rui or katla fish) in a yogurt-based creamy gravy. Popular as Bengali biye bari (Marriage feast) style traditional dish for ages. This fish curry is commonly prepared at every … Read more

Muri ghonto – Traditional Bengali recipe with Rice & Fish head

Muri ghonto recipe

My home style Muri ghonto recipe with step-by-step pictures. Muri ghonto is a ghee garam masala flavoured traditional Bengali fish head curry cooked with gonbindo bhog rice and aloo (optional). This dish is a perfect compilation of Gobindo bhog rice with golden fried rui or katla fish head flavoured with onion-ginger-garlic ghee & garam masala … Read more

How to make Ilish maachh bhaja with Ilish maachher tel – recipe with photos

Ilish maachh bhaja with ilish maachher tel

Making ilish maachh bhaja with ilish maachher tel recipe with step-by-step photos. White rice with Ilish maachh bhaja and Ilish maachher tel is one of my favorite dishes. Most Bengalis especially the Ilish maach lovers have a common favorite dish, right? A simple recipe and does not need to introduce to a Bengali, especially people … Read more

Modak recipe | How to make ukadiche modak with & without mould

Modak recipe | Ukadiche modak recipe with and without mould

Making a traditional Marathi style soft and juicy Ukadiche modak recipe at home with and without using mould for this upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Traditionally this sweet dumpling makes with a rice flour dough stuffed with coconut and jaggery filling in every Marathi home. What is modak? Modak is a Maharashtrian festival sweet basically coconut jaggery … Read more

Gulab Jamun recipe (with milk powder) step by step

Gulab jamun recipe

Making sweet shop-style soft juicy Gulab jamun recipe with milk powder, suji, and maida that easily melts in the mouth. No use of Khoya/mawa(evaporated dry milk solids). Easy to make at home to celebrate house parties like Birthdays, Potluck, Kitty Party, and Marriage anniversaries or to celebrate festivals like Holi, Rakshabandhan, Navratri, or, Diwali. Gulab jamoon … Read more

Mutton kosha – a recipe of Bengali kasha mangsho from Kolkata

Mutton kosha recipe, how to make mutton kosha, how to make mutton kasha, mutton er kosha mangsho, easy mutton kosha recipe, best mutton kosha recipe, bengali mutton recipe, best bengali mutton recipe, bengali lamb recipe, bengali goat meat curry recipe, khashir mangsho kosha, pathar mangsho kosha, rewazi khashir mangsho kosha, mutton kasha, mutton kasa, Moton kosha recipe, morton kosha recipe, matan kosha recipe, bengali mutton kosha curry, dry mutton curry in bengali, bengali lamb kosha recipe, bengali pathar kosha mangsho recipe, bengali kosha recipe with goat meat, mutton kosha with aloo, biyebari style mutton kosha, kolkata style mutton kosha, restaurant style mutton kosha, Mutton kosha recipe for durga puja, mutton kosha recipe for kali puja, mutton er kosha mangsho recipe for vishwakarma puja, picnic style mutton kosha, mutton kosha recipe at home, homestyle mutton kosha recipe, Bangladeshi style mutton kosha bhuna, Dark mutton kosha without using iron pan, mutton kosha in pressure cooker - recipe by spicy punch

Mutton kosha is a recipe of Bengali dry mutton curry from Kolkata named kasha mangsho too- described with step-by-step pictures. What is mutton kosha? Mutton kosha is a bong style slow-cooked mutton curry consisting of soft juicy mutton pieces (melt in the mouth) and rich n spicy dry gravy. This is a traditional Bengali food prepared … Read more

Mughlai paratha recipe | Egg muglai paratha | Bengali egg moglai porota

mughlai paratha recipe, egg mughlai paratha, bengali egg moglai porota, mughlai paratha ingredients, how to make mughlai paratha at home, muglai paratha, moglai paratha, muglai porota, মোগলাই পরোটা, কলকাতা স্টাইল, বাংলাদেশী, বাঙালি, non veg mughlai paratha, aloo torkari recipe for moglai porota, aloo curry for mughlai paratha, Bengali egg mughlai paratha recipe, Kolkata style egg moglai porota recipe, best kolkata mughlai paratha, egg mughlai paratha recipe step by step, egg moglai port recipe step by step, easy mughlai paratha recipe, perfect mughlai paratha recipe, egg onion paratha recipes, best mughlai paratha recipe, simple mughlai paratha recipe, mughlai egg stuffed parathe, mughlai paratha with egg, Bangladeshi mughlai paratha recipe, Bangladeshi moglai porota, anda mughlai paratha, Mughlai egg paratha recipe, how to make mughlai paratha with egg, anadi restaurant style moglai porota, kolkata street style mughlai paratha recipe, kolkata street food mughlai paratha or moglai porota recipe, muglai parantha, mughlai paranthe, best kolkata style mughlai paratha, moglai porotha, mughlai paratha photos, pictures, cooking mughlai paratha, dhaba style mughlai paratha, Arabian style egg paratha recipe, crispy mughlai paratha, breakfast recipes, kids lunchbox recipes, tiffin box recipes, recipe by spicy punch Moumita Paul

Mughlai paratha recipe or egg mughlai paratha or bengali egg moglai porota is popular as Bangladeshi and Kolkata street food. Mughlai paratha is originally a deep-fried crispy Indian bread stuffed with egg or keema. It’s a special paratha recipe of bengali cuisine, where chicken or mutton keema or mince was used with eggs as stuffing. … Read more

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