chicken momos recipe

chicken momos recipe (steamed momo)

Chicken momos recipe (steamed momo) step by step pictures– Chicken momos are soft, juicy, delicious chicken mince stuffed dumplings. These dumplings can be steamed, fried, or tandoori. Hot chicken clear soup(optional) and spicy chili garlic chutney are best to serve with these non-veg momos.  Chicken momos recipe is followed by 3 steps making process whether […]

tandoori prawns recipe

Easy tandoori prawns recipe

Easy tandoori prawns recipe with step-by-step pictures. Tandoori masala-coated roasted prawns are known as tandoori prawns. It is an Indian-style grilled prawn starter most popular among prawns aka seafood lovers. Prawns are simply marinated with yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, tandoori masala, and grill or roast for making this recipe. As this dish named tandoori means tandoori […]

Aloo phulkopir niramish dalna recipe

Aloo Phulkopir niramish dalna recipe

Aloo phulkopir niramish dalna recipe or Bengali aka indian style potato cauliflower curry(no onion- garlic) with step-by-step pictures. Phulkopir dalna is an authentic dish of our bengali cuisine where phulkopi or gobi or cauliflower and aloo(potato) are fried in oil and later cooked in a ghee garam masala flavoured tomato-based niramish(no onion garlic) gravy. Dalna […]

easiest fudgy chocolaty brownies recipe

Easiest fudgy chocolaty brownies recipe

Easiest fudgy chocolaty brownies recipe, how to make it from scratch – described with step by step pictures. Brownies are the most popular English dessert mainly a superb delicious single-layered fudgy chocolaty cake simply made by all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, sweetened dark chocolate, soft butter, granulated white & brown sugar, eggs, and vanilla essence. Using […]

chicken lollipop recipe

Crispy chicken lollipop recipe | how to make chicken lollipop at home

Crispy chicken lollipop recipe – Learn how to make this chicken lollipop at home with detailed step-by-step pictures. Chicken lollipop is the most popular chicken wings starter from our indo-chinese cuisine. This chicken lollipop is basically a recipe for a batter-fried crispy chicken wings starter made by drumettes and wingettes(described below). This chicken wings starter […]

mutton rogan josh

Mutton rogan josh – an authentic Kashmiri style recipe

Mutton rogan josh is an authentic Kashmiri pandit style mutton curry recipe made by lamb/goat meat. Rogan josh means rich & red-colored mutton or chicken gravy flavored with traditional spices of Kashmiri cuisine. In India, Rogan josh is so popular mutton curry recipe that easily available in almost all Indian-style restaurants’ menu. Though it is […]